Last year in Thames Valley and Hampshire an average of 4 young people per week were killed or seriously injured


accelerate exists to minimise the risk of its customers being one of these statistics


Many congratulations Charlie Fryatt from Farnborough and the 6th Form College Farnborough, who passed his driving test on 24th June at his first attempt recording ZERO faults. Charlie had 34 hours of tuition with accelerate trainer/coach Alan.  Charlie's mum and Dad supported Charlie with lots of private tuition without which this great success would not have been achieved.


A superb achievement by Charlie, whose examiner Tom complimented him on a "fabulous drive".



Many congratulations Rachael Bomphrey from Hook and the 6th Form College Farnborough, who passed her driving test on 14th June at her first attempt with zero faults, just five and a half weeks from her 1st lesson.  Rachael had just 24 hours of tuition with Alan.  Rachael's mum Terri supported this with over 500 miles of private driving experience.

A fantastic achievement by Rachael who was commended for her drive by examiner Tom.

Well done Rachael!!



Practical Test Pass Rates

(1st Jan 2016 - 24th June 2016)

42 candidates

1st Time Pass 83.33%       1st/2nd Time Pass 95.24%

9 zero faults passes


2 RoSPA Advanced Test Passes


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