Practical Test Pass Rates

(1st Jan 2016 - 6th Feb 2016)


10 candidates

1st Time Pass 100%       1st/2nd Time Pass 100%

4 zero faults passes


more details

accelerate excels again

An Advanced Test Passed

1x 1st time zero faults pass

3x 1st time passes

………………WOW! ....

and that's after the 3 previous tests having been passed 1st time with zero faults!!



Well done Abigail Gane from Blackwater and The 6th Form College, Farnborough who passed her practical test at the 1st attempt on Thurs 4th Feb 2016 recording zero (0) faults (minors).  Abigail was taught by trainer/coach Jan Worsfold who also taught her sister - and she too achieved a zero faults pass!!  Examiner Tom praised Abigail's 'lovely drive'. 

Congratulations Abigail!!


A lovely drive by Sarah Tripp (Yateley and The 6th Form College Farnborough) on her Practical Test on Tuesday 2nd Feb saw her pass 1st time after just 33.5 hours of professional tuition with accelerate trainer/coach Rob and much private practice with her Mum and Dad.  

Many congratulations Sarah!!!




Well done Mitch Stringer from Yateley and Yateley 6th Form College who passed the RoSPA advanced driving test at the 1st attempt on Sat 30th January 2016.  This to add to his exceptional zero (0) faults (minors) performance in his practical driving test, and all completed within 8 months of his 17th birthday making Mitch one of the youngest advanced drivers in the UK!

This is an outstanding achievement.

Congratulations Mitch!!


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