Last year in Thames Valley and Hampshire an average of 4 young people per week were killed or seriously injured


accelerate exists to minimise the risk of its customers being one of these statistics


6x 1st Time Passes in 13 days


Congratulations Sherry Burchett, Aldershot who passed her test first time on Thurs 26th May.  Sherry had learned with a previous driving school but chose accelerate to complete her training prior to test.  After 10 hours of 'fine tuning' with Alan and a lot of practice with her husband, Sherry passed with just 3 faults. She said to her one year old yesterday "no more waiting in the rain for the bus now. "   Examiner Paul complimented Sherry on the drive.

Well done Sherry!!

Great result for Mac Sullivan from Yateley and the 6th Form College Farnborough who passed his practical test at the 1st attempt on Fri 20th May.  What's more he recorded just 1 driving fault and examiner Leigh commended Mac for his 'Lovely drive'.  Mac learned with trainer/coach Jan Worsfold and had extensive practice with his parents.  This is yet another example of learner, parents and accelerate driver trainer/coach working together to create excellent drivers.

Well done and many congratulations Mac!!

Many congratulations to Alicia Hendy, Blackwater and Yateley 6th Form, who passed her practical test at the 1st attempt on Wednesday 18th May recording just 3 faults.  Along with her lessons with accelerate Alicia has been well supported with many miles/hours of private practice with her step-dad, without which this significant success would not have been possible.  Examiner Leigh was highly impressed with Alicia's test drive.

Well done Alicia!! 

Well done Joe Carr, Blackwater and Farnborough Tech who passed his practical test on Tues 17th May at the 1st attempt recording just 4 faults.  Examiner, Adela commented on Joe's 'very nice drive'.  Joe's success is purely down to his commitment, don't give up attitude, determination and an absolutely massive effort on his part to ensure he succeeded.  All Jan and Rob from accelerate have done is to channel his efforts in the right direction to support Joe in making this fantastic achievement.   

Many congratulations Joe!!

Congratulations James Grice of Fleet and the 6th Form College Farnborough for passing his practical test on Fri 13th May at the 1st attempt recording just 5 faults.  This is another great example of how working with parents and driver trainer/coaches together significant success can be achieved.  James was taught by trainer/coach Jan Worsfold but had extensive practice with his Dad including driving to Essex last weekend.  Jan describes James as a 'quality driver'.   

Well done James!!


Practical Test Pass Rates

(1st Jan 2016 - 20th May 2016)

28 candidates

1st Time Pass 86.67%       1st/2nd Time Pass 100%

7 zero faults passes


2 RoSPA Advanced Test Passes


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